EN 15593

International Standard

EN 15593 is a European standard for hygiene management in packaging manufacturing. It ensures that all relevant packaging hygiene hazards are identified and properly controlled along the food packaging chain during the production design, planning, execution and all related processes, reduce the risk and meet the customer's requirement and equipped to compete in global market.


Our experienced auditor will analyze and evaluate your hygiene management system in food packaging manufacturing via a site visit; as well as examines whether or not your quality management documentation fulfills the requirements of EN 15993 standard.


As an accredited third-party registrar, we have the authority to award EN 15593 certification which is recognized globally. The qualified company will be capabale to identify and control product-connected hygienic risks, measures for each stage in the manufacturing process are designed, operated and updated in compliance with the standard. It helps to reduce operation costs and production errors, increased motivation of employees and their safety at work, drive the efficiency & profitability in your business operations, and add credibility and confidence to your customers, give you the competitive edge.


Our auditor will base on the needs of your company to provide professional advices and total solutions on managing the food packaging manufacturing in compliance with EN 15593, which encourages continuous improvement and demonstrate your commitment to manage the hygiene in food packaing manufacturing.